Cerebral Palsy

Overcoming Cerebral Palsy with Goals and Faith

“She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.”

-Proverbs 31:25

It was this verse that came to mind during occupational therapy today. I know I’ve shared that I walk with a walker, and I graduate from high school next year. A goal I recently set is to walk across the stage not in my walker, but with crutches.

My physical therapist thinks it may be a little far-fetched, but I have to try. To me, using crutches during graduation would be a battle won; it would be one day where I overcame my disability. To me, using crutches is one step closer to full independence. I don’t care how difficult this journey will be. I’m going to fight for this, fight through the pain and the frustration that is bound to come, because I control my life. My disability does not.

My crutches goal is the reason why, today in OT, I was working with a pulley system to help strengthen my arms. I could definitely feel it, and doing it with minimal help was what brought Proverbs 31:25 to mind. I realized that I’m strong; just because I need help with tasks such as getting in and out of the car does not make me weak. That realization made this mountain I’m climbing to reach my goal seem a little less tall; it made this journey seem a little less daunting.

So yes, this goal may be a hard one to reach. It may be difficult; it may be frustrating. There might be tears and frustration and pain, but with His strength, perspective, and guidance, I can laugh through it all. I will keep fighting, and overcome the obstacles. Because my independence is worth it.


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