Florida Gators

What’s Your Chomp Story?

FloridaGators.com recently announced Chomp Stories, a place where Gator Nation can share their stories of what being a Florida fan means to them. I thought I would share mine with you.

I’ve been a Gator ever since I can remember. Even when I was little, I would watch Gator football with my dad, and pepper him with questions until I could understand the game. Back then, Urban Meyer was our head coach and Tim Tebow was our quarterback. I loved watching and cheering the team on. I can still picture the first play of the 2006 national championship game; I can still see Tebow accepting the Heisman trophy. Florida football was, and still is, a huge part of my life.

Since then, my love for the University of Florida has only grown stronger, and now, even I admit I’m a college football junkie. When a Florida game is on, I’m easily the loudest one in the house. But whether it’s football, softball, volleyball or basketball, I love anything and everything Florida. One of the best weekends of the year is the weekend my family and I go to the Swamp to watch the Gators in action. I love the sea of orange and blue, I love the electric atmosphere in the stadium, and I love the sound of 90,000 people cheering when the team runs out of the tunnel. To me, going to Gainesville feels like going home.

A few things have changed since that 06 national championship win. I’ve met Urban Meyer, and had my W15H granted by Tebow and his foundation. Coach is one of my favorite people, and Timmy (as he told me to call him), is everything he seems to be on TV: extremely kind, incredibly sweet, and has the strongest, most beautiful faith in the Lord. But there’s one thing that hasn’t changed, and will never change: I still bleed orange and blue, and always will.

That’s my chomp story. What’s yours?


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