Signs From Above

I wrote in an earlier post about Kate Amato, my sweet friend who passed away from cancer in November. Since she gained her angel wings, she’s sent me signs and messages letting me know she’s with me. I’m so, so grateful for that, and her messages are something I treasure and cherish. She gave me another one tonight.

A few months after she passed away, her mom sent me a prayer card she had had made. On the back of it is a poem Kate wrote entitled “Cloudy Times”. It’s beautiful and inspirational- just like her. The last four lines are my favorite:

Swim in the flood,

Dance in the rain,

Don’t forget to smile

Shine through the pain

I had been thinking about her earlier in the afternoon, and just a few minutes ago, I checked my email and found a message from Khan Academy. I’m taking the SAT in June, and I’d signed up to practice online using their site. They sent a really encouraging email, and the last line in the email was a reminder: Don’t forget to smile. I’m really nervous about the SAT, and to me, this was Kate’s way of telling me she’ll be with me through the whole thing, and she’s always here.

To learn more about Kate, visit


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