Relay for Life 2017❤

Ours was last Friday night, and it was such a beautiful event. The booth I worked was a crazy hair booth- you should’ve seen some of those hairdos! Some people had bottles in their hair, some had gotten their hair sprayed three different colors, and one guy proudly sported an Auburn inspired do. It was fun, but what meant so much to me was the cause it supported. Cancer has touched my life in many ways, and it meant the world to me to be a small part in helping to find a cure.

The most meaningful moment for me was the Illuminary Lap, where those who had lost loved ones to cancer walked in their honor. I walked for my sweet friend Kate, who passed away last November. When the bag pipes began playing, I broke down. I broke down because I would give anything to be able to hug sweet Kate and talk to her again. I would give anything to be able to spend just one more minute with her; I would give anything to be able to hug her one more time. It breaks my heart that she’s not here. I know she’s in a better place; I know she’s been healed and is happy and is running and singing with the angels in heaven, but I miss her. So much. So I walked for her, for my grandfather who also passed away from cancer, and for the two, amazing, incredible friends who have each beaten cancer twice. I wasn’t originally sure I was strong enough to be able to walk the entire mile, but I knew if my grandfather and my friends could fight so courageously every single day, I could walk one lap. As I walked- and fought tears- I leaned into their strength and courage. And as I walked, I could feel Kate and Grandpa walking right next to me, giving me the strength to walk the entire track. It was beautiful to me that even though they’re with Him, they’re still with me, bringing me peace, strength, and comfort when I need it most.

Relay for Life is an amazing event, and I hope and pray that one day in the near future, we will no longer have to raise money for a cure, because one will be found. But until that day, we will keep walking, we will keep praying, and we will keep fighting against this terrible illness. And as we fight alongside those who are fighting for their lives, we will honor those we love who have already joined Him. With them in our hearts, and with faith, hope, and love, we will end the fight, and finally finish-and win-our relay for life.


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