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I Just Wrote This…

I just wrote this and wanted to share it with you. The prompt is in bold, and my writing is in italics. Please let me know what you think in the comments!!

“With that, she walked into the rain and didn’t look back. That was the last time anyone saw her.”
She put her favorite baseball cap on her head, threw her backpack over her shoulder, and, while no one was watching, slipped out into the downpour, allowing the rain to wash over her and wash her old life away.

She needed to leave. She’d known that for a long time. Her dreams were big, so much bigger than that little town and the only home she’d ever known. She hadn’t wanted to leave it, but she knew if she didn’t, she would be stuck there, staring out the window and daydreaming, for the rest of her life.

She couldn’t do that. She couldn’t bear to just sit and watch her life go by; she knew life was a gift that ought not to be wasted. She had to use it; she had to grab it by its fingertips and go wherever it wanted to take her. The unknown didn’t scare her; it never had. What scared her was the thought of looking back at the end of her life and wishing she’d done something different, wishing she’d done something more.

So that day, with lamps dimly lighting the room and rain pouring down around her, she went, taking nothing more than the essentials and a few prized possessions. Where she’d go, she didn’t know, but she figured she’d figure it out as she went. She hopped on the next train, rode for a few days, and got off in San Francisco, where her entire life changed.

She chopped her hair off and dyed it- if she was going to start over, she may as well start fresh. So it was with a brunette bob and painted nails that she applied for her first job, and got it. She was a waitress, and made little more than minimum wage, but, she thought, it was enough for now. With her first pay check, she rented an apartment- it was small, but it would do. A few months later, she applied for college, and then applied for student loans to get her through. For the next four years, she spent long days in the classroom, at the library, and at the restaurant, alternately studying and working. She got her degree in event management; she’d always enjoyed working with people and planning things. She began to work during the day and plan events at night, and once she finished her degree, she began taking on events more regularly, until she had enough that she could quit her job at the restaurant and still live comfortably. She was happy, she was free, she felt…. alive. And then, she fell in love.

That changed everything. Suddenly, her life was filled with a light and a joy it had been devoid of for the last four years. She became less fiercely independent and more willing to be open, and when he proposed to her, she knew she had to do what she’d promised herself she’d never do: go back home.

It was on the drive back home, with wind blowing through her hair and her fiancee’s hand in hers that she realized something else: while you needed to follow your dreams and make your life your own, you also needed family. You needed a support system; you needed people you could rely on and trust to be there for you, no matter what happened. It was when she knocked on her mother’s door, and tears filled her mom’s eyes as her mother reached out to embrace her, she finally felt complete.


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