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Daily Prompt: Blossom

I know this is a day late, but I wanted to respond to yesterday’s daily prompt:

Blossoming is growing,

It’s coming alive

It’s opening your wings,

And learning to fly

It’s following your heart

And being unafraid to let yourself fall apart
Remember this:

It’s okay to hurt,

It’s okay to burn

Because walking through the storm of pain

Will make you become clean again

It will make you stronger,

It will give you wisdom

It will make you see the world with new eyes,

And I hope

You’ll realize how beautiful you are
Because, my love,

You are beautiful

You are special

You are important

You have the ability

To do whatever you wish to do

You never know just how our Lord will use you
Remember this:

You are beautiful

You are special

You are more than enough

And you, my dear,

You are loved

You are loved more than you know

By your friends,

Your family,

And the one who created this beautiful Earth

He loves you

He cares so much for you

He loves you,

And you are His

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