Here’s Why I Think Tim Tebow Will Make It in the Majors

Yesterday, ESPN posted this fantastic article about MLB players who are rooting for Tim Tebow as he continues his journey to Citi Field. I loved seeing so much support from the league’s All-Stars, especially after hearing so many say they don’t think he’ll be able to make it. I think he’ll make it, and here’s why.

He has raw power behind the plate, for one thing. It seems like every week you see another video of him hitting a home run, and I think part of that comes from his strength. No, he’s not built like a baseball player, but it’s paying off.

And while we’re talking about batting, let’s mention the fact that he’s also becoming more consistent behind the plate. Since being promoted to Port Saint Lucie, his batting average has improved to .318 and he currently has a .972 on base percentage. He’s on a nine game hitting streak, and he’s moved from seventh in the batting line-up to sixth.

He’s also made great a few plays in the field since moving to PSL. I think everyone saw the video of him robbing Fort Meyers first baseman Zandal Weil of a home run. He’s improving all-around, which could lead to another promotion sooner than we think.

He’s also making a difference off the field. He’s a leader in the clubhouse, but more than that, he impacts the community he’s in. Last summer, he stopped and prayed with a man having a heart attack, and this summer, he’s spent time with numerous kids from his foundation who have come to his games. Tim Tebow impacts and inspires others wherever he is, and I think that’s a trait of success as well.

Of course he has to room to improve in certain areas. Don’t we all? But if there’s one thing I know about Tim Tebow, it’s that he will put in the work and the time to get better and make his dream of being a major league player a reality. I won’t be surprised to see him playing at Citi Field, and I’m behind him all the way.


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