If You Have A Dream, Chase It

Since the passing of my sweet friend Kate, I’ve had a desire to help other kids fighting cancer. I wrote Kate letters, and I would love to do something similar for other kids. It doesn’t have to be letters; I just want to encourage and be there for other kids fighting the same battle Kate fought so courageously.

Tonight, I did something about it.

There’s a non-profit organization called The Truth 365, who shares stories of kids fighting cancer and who fundraises and raises awareness for childhood cancer. They’ve reached out to thousands of cancer fighters, including Kate. In fact, she was how I learned about them- her mom shared posts on her Facebook page of interviews she and her family have done with them, as well as other things they’ve posted about Kate. So tonight, I reached out to them, telling them about my dream of wanting to help other kids who are fighting. I’m not sure when or if they’ll respond, but I decided to try, just in case it works out and I do get the blessing of being a small part of what they do.

So tonight, I wanted to tell you this: if you have a dream, or a desire that the Lord has placed on your heart, don’t be afraid to go after it. If it’s meant to be, it will work out. And if not, you will still be able to say you pursued something close to your heart. And that is something to be proud of.

I hope you had a blessed Monday. Good night. 💗 Sweet dreams. 💖


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