If You Have A Dream, Chase It- An Update

Last week, I wrote a post about my dream of helping kids with cancer. Thanks to The Truth 365, that dream has come true.

A few days after I published the post, I got a response from The Truth 365, which, of you didn't catch my first post, is an organization that raises awareness for pediatric cancer and advocates for more funding. The woman who emailed me back was incredibly kind, and she told me that what I could do was write a guest post for their Facebook page and we'd see what kind of response we'd get. I was elated, and immediately went to work writing my post, despite the fact that I'd seen the email after midnight. (People always say you write the best pieces late at night- I'm inclined to agree.)

The post was published the next day, and the response was overwhelming. There were so many kind, thoughtful comments, but the best part was that a mom wrote in to The Truth 365 and said she would love it if I would write to her little girl! I was so excited. I have a card that I'm going to send her, and I hope and pray the Lord will use my words to make her smile and lift her up. She has already inspired and encouraged me so much, and I'm so blessed to be a small part of her courageous battle.

Please keep her in your prayers, and never be afraid to follow your heart and chase your dreams. Amazing things happen when you have the courage to step out in faith and reach towards them.

Here's the link to the guest post I wrote, in case any of you want to read it😊:


8 thoughts on “If You Have A Dream, Chase It- An Update”

  1. Wonderful!! God is going to use you to encourage so many kids going through these struggles, I just know it. Can I just say — even though we don’t really know one another in person and only through our blogs — how very proud I am of you for stepping out in faith? I know your folks must be super proud of you too. Keep on chasing those dreams and making them happen with God’s help, Robyn.

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