My Writing

The Vow

She was tired of not feeling good enough.

So many times in the last week, she'd felt weak, tired, and exhausted. She couldn't count how many times she'd wondered if she'd said the right thing or done the right thing or sounded smart enough. She'd always been a people pleaser, but now, she was tired of it.

She was tired of molding to others' opinions and always being what she thought everyone wanted her to be. She was tired of the constant worry, the constant second-guessing, the constant self doubt. She was stronger than that. So she made herself a vow.

She vowed that for once, she'd put herself first. She vowed she'd fight for her dreams in a way she'd never fought for them before. Because you know what? She deserved them. She'd been through so much and weathered so many storms- it was time for happiness. It was time for sunshine. It was time for beauty. It was her time to shine.

As she sat alone, with the knots of pain wounding tighter and tighter in her stomach, she vowed to let it go. She'd let it go and she'd embrace life. She'd embrace it fully and completely, and she'd live in a way she never had before.

That was the night her life changed.


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