Cerebral Palsy

What Blogging Means to Me as Someone with a Disability

I’ve never reblogged a post on here before, but I found so much truth in what Amelia wrote that I had to share this. She does an incredible job vocalizing what life is like for someone with cerebral palsy- a much better job than I do- and this post is no exception.

Like Amelia, I’ve always found writing to be an escape. Because when I write, the limitations I have don’t exist, if I don’t want them to. And for years, that’s exactly how I wrote stories. I would write a story using characters from my favorite books and then insert myself. The version of me I wrote about didn’t use a walker, didn’t have a disability, and could do whatever she wanted, without having to wonder how, exactly, she was going to do it. But then, in sixth grade, I came up with a storyline about a girl who has cerebral palsy, and how the love around her helps change the way she views herself. I didn’t start writing it until about a year later, and instantly, I was struck by how freeing it was to write about a girl who goes through exactly the same things I do. That story is still a work in progress, and writing it is still as cathartic now as it was then. My dream is to one day publish it, and share my character’s-and my- story with the world.

This blog is cathartic, too. It’s amazing to write a post about something I’m experiencing and get words of kindness, love, and support back. It’s comforting and encouraging, and I’m so grateful for each of you who read, like, and comment on my post. Thank you for embracing me with opening arms, and thank you for listening to my story.

Without further ado, here is Amelia’s post:

What Blogging Means to Me as Someone with a Disability

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